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TFmujju, Selection for project administrator.
Your nickname in the game? TFmujju

Your age. 21 years or a bit more than that Šypsosi
Your skype id? I have none but I will inform you as I will be likely to make it.
What is your experience in the Counter Strike 1.6 game? I am playing this game since it was started. Means I know a lot more than you expect.
What is your experience in administering this game? Truly speaking I don't have any experience in administrating THIS game but I ran a quite many servers long time ago.
What can you promise if you are in this position? From my view CSDM server (One of my favorite servers) lack administration. There are many people using cheats and hacks and probably make a mess with the players Liūdnas. Maybe I am not as active on this site as I am on the server, so I could promise you all to free the server from any stuff like that. Maintaining order is another one.
Have you got to know the rules of the project? Hell YEAH!!!
Tell a little about yourself, that is, your character's features. Funny, loving family especially my girlfriend. At times serious. Hate those who like to give a f*** while playing. PiktasMuštis

At this time I think you wont get any active administrator on that server who can ensure a fun time for the players playing. Also I am not a person searching or at job so I can give a hefty amount of hours to it. I have completed with my studies so there won't arise any doubt.
Redagavo TFmujju 29/04/2018 21:28
versus, need more time to play here
Too early. Against.
mexi, ismok angliskai...

Robery y y y
I am really sorry, I know commenting on our own topic is forbidden but I thought, in order to keep the discussion on it should be in the recent homepage. That's the reason I have to comment on my own topic. If you look in it it's been silent for 4 days or might something related.

I am not pointing that the main administrators are unaware of this topic but the other players who have not seen the topic. As far as I think the main admins too cannot take the decision on just 4 opinions.
Redagavo TFmujju 30/04/2018 07:12
for being unconscious AND breaking the fules of the forum -> NO VOTE FOR ADMIN FOR A WHILE from my side.

Suggest to try again later and NOT BREAK THE RULES.

(main admins are ALWAYS aware about elections for admins, so NEVER CALL IT DEAD TOPIC)
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